Weapons Charges

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If you or someone you know is facing weapons charges anywhere in the state, you need a knowledgeable and experienced law firm on your side. California gun laws include many regulations about who can own a gun and associated restrictions for their use. Weapons used during criminal activity can carry heftier potential sentences. If either of these circumstances affect the case, get help from someone who knows the laws inside and out.

While most weapons charges include the use of firearms, other weapons also fall under the purview of the court system. These include things such as knives, clubs and sticks, brass knuckles, and other items such as hand tools or sports gear used to cause or threaten bodily harm.

California Weapons Charges Legal Criteria

What will the court system look at when you are charged with a weapon-related offense?

When you contact the law offices of James P. Roe for help with your case, the highly trained attorneys will explain California law to you in depth. However, instead of causing confusion with complicated jargon and quoting legal documents, we will take the time to lay everything out clearly so you can understand.

California gun laws include specific rules for illegal possession, concealed weapon carrying, using a firearm in a vehicle, shooting at or toward buildings with people inside, and brandishing or using the weapon for intimidation purposes. Also, the attorney can walk you through charges of illegal sales, felony possession of a firearm, and any possession of illegal weaponry such as assault weapons as defined by 30600PC in the penal code.

Weapons Charges During Other Crimes

Not only can James P. Roe help you understand the charges filed against you or someone you know, but the attorney will represent you throughout the court case for weapons charges associated with other criminal activity. There is a difference between owning an illegal weapon and using it in a robbery or assault.

Other factors involved in criminal charges and court decisions include whether the firearm or other weapon was used to injure someone, as a threat to elicit a certain response such as in a robbery, and what amount of harm it inflicted on the victim. Certain criminal activity associated with weapons charges include assault, homicide, sexual assault, and kidnapping.

Sound Defense Against Weapon Charges in California

Even before you contact an attorney regarding charges involving weapon use, exercise your right to remain silent when questioned by law enforcement. Call the Law Offices of James P. Roe immediately to get competent help from attorneys who understand how to defend against these things. From the initial arrest on, all your communication should focus on the lawyer who represents you.

Choose JPR Law Offices for our experience, wealth of knowledge, and practice areas in California. When you choose a state-specific firm, you know the people standing beside you understand all the nuances of criminal law that pertains to your specific case. Attorney James P. Roe has practiced law in CA for over a decade, and has built up a steady stream of positive testimonials from satisfied clients. Trust him to assist you at every step along your journey through the justice system from arrest to the final court date.

Weapons charges are never something to handle yourself. The California penal code pertaining to firearms and other weaponry is complex and extensive. Contact the Law Offices of James P. Roe by phone at (619) 254-4821 or fill out the convenient online form for more information.