Pedestrian Injury

Pedestrian Injury Lawyer in San Diego

Pedestrian injuries can vary greatly, ranging from something as major as a hit-and-run to a minor accident on an uneven sidewalk. It can be a vague category within Personal Injury accidents; accidents such as poor maintenance of roadways and sidewalks, parking lot defects, construction debris on a walkway and so forth can all be considered as such.

Some victims may experience bumps and bruises while others may suffer serious impairment. Regardless of your injury, you must contact an experienced pedestrian accident attorney after an incident even if you are unsure whether your case would be considered a pedestrian accident.

San Diego Pedestrian Injury Attorney

James P. Roe, and his staff, have the knowledge and resources to help you return to normalcy in a timely manner. There are no fees until your case is won and even if your case does not qualify as a Pedestrian Injury, Mr. Roe can point you in the correct direction for recovery.