Assault / Battery Lawyer

Assault and Battery

Have you or someone you know been charged with assault or battery in California? While the two words are often linked together, they are actually two separate charges with unique characteristics under state law.

Whether the charges include both or just one or the other, your first step should include contacting the Law Offices of James P. Roe immediately. You need an experienced and highly skilled attorney on your side to assist you throughout your interactions with law enforcement and the court system. We have over ten years of experience and extensive knowledge of the California penal code to provide exactly that for you.

Assault and Battery Under California Law

According to state law, assault includes an attempt to commit violence against another person. Battery is a completed act of violence that actually includes physical contact with someone else. As you can see, it makes sense that the two crimes are frequently charged together in any case of someone striking or otherwise attacking someone.

The associated crimes have varying levels of severity. For example, a simple slap may constitute civil assault, while a much more severe attack with a weapon involved would be classified as aggravated assault and battery. Someone charged with aggravated form of the crime may end up with a misdemeanor or felony charge based on the circumstances surrounding the particular case.

Potential Outcomes of Assault and Battery Charges

With a skilled attorney from James P. Roe on your side, you have the support you need to legally face the charges in the best way possible. These charges may accompany others, such as weapons charges, or stand alone. Whatever way they are made, the only way to face them is with the help of legal counsel.

Convictions for assault and battery in California carry a diverse range of outcomes based on many mitigating factors. Potential outcomes include simple probation for lesser convictions, fines and restitution to the victims, a jail or prison sentence, misdemeanor or felony marks against your public record, and more. As these can all cause considerable problems in your future life, you want to minimize the sentences whenever possible.

That is just one part of what an excellent attorney can do for you. Every case is different, but all are treated with the same vigor and attention to detail when you hire James P. Roe law firm. Every client gets customized attention specific to their case to improve all possible outcomes.

The Assault and Battery Defense Explained

When detained by law enforcement with assault and battery charges hanging over your head, exercise your constitutional right to remain silent and consult with an attorney. Contact our expert team at the Law Offices of James P. Roe immediately. An arrest does not equal a conviction, and what you do after it has a lot of effect on the final result.

The attorney will meet with you to determine the circumstances of the event that triggered the charges. He will use his extensive understanding of California civil and criminal law to formulate a plan to deal with the court systems successfully.

Things like false accusations, self-defense, consensual physical contact, certain provocations, and unwilling assault will be taken into account. The goal of your legal counsel is to discover the truth and minimize its effects on your life and future.

Do not delay if you or someone you know has been charged with assault and battery in California. Contact James P. Roe law offices right away by filling out the online form or calling (619) 254-4821.